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Beth-El Archives Oral Histories

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Oral History interview Max Pila (1920-1999)
Survivor of Auschwitz, Birkenau, Nazi Death March

Interviewer:  R.D. Moses

Date of Interview: May 12, 1996

Link to OralHistoryMaxPila

Oral History interview, Myer Mehl (1907-1991)

Interviewer: Faye Berkowitz, Fort Worth Jewish Sequicenntenial Committee

Date of Interview: November 10, 1985

Link to OralHistoryMyerMehl

Oral History interview, Sam Reznikoff

Interviewer: R. D. Moses

Date of Interview: July 10, 1998

Link to OralHistorySamReznikoff

Oral History interview, Pauline Schlinger Frankel

Interviewer: R.D. Moses

Date of Interview: October 21, 1996

Link to OralHistoryPSchlingerFrankel

Dr. Frank Cohen Photo.jpg

Oral History interview, Dr. Frank Cohen (1913-2006)

Date of Interview: October 2, 1996

Link to OralHistoryFrankCohen


Oral History interview, Rachel Cristol, Rosalyn "Roz" Rosenthal and Evelyn Siegel (audio from Ladies Luncheon series)

Date of Interview: December, 2022

Link to AudioInterview, Part 1

Link to AudioInterview, Part 2

Link to AudioInterview, Part 3

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