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By nurturing Jewish minds, inspiring Jewish actions and igniting Jewish spirit, we energize our community and ensure our future.

Upon completion of their studies in the Beth-El Religious School, we aspire that students will:

  • Be able to affirm their Jewish identity

  • Demonstrate a commitment to Jewish living and learning

  • Have insight and respect for family and community

  • Understand practices, traditions, holiday celebrations, and life cycle events

  • Be familiar with music, songs, and the folk life of the Jewish people

  • Participate in and comprehend the significance of mitzvot and tzedakah toward the various communities in their lives

  • Have insight into contemporary Reform Jewish values, ethics and issues

  • Be familiar with modern Jewish history, specifically, the Holocaust, the State of Israel, and American Jewish history

  • Possess knowledge of the content and significance of the Bible

  • Understand and appreciate the structure and components of the worship service including reading Hebrew from a prayer book and the Torah

Beth-El's Religious school has programs for Toddlers (ages 2 and 3) through Confirmation (10th grade). You can click here to see an overview of our curriculum. Please contact our Religious School Director, Cantor Shoshana Abrams Kaikov, for more information.

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