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I stand with Israel

This is a page will provide you with all the necessary information to make a variety of donations on behalf of Israel.  

1. On the National level:
The Jewish Federations of North America are part of a $500 million emergency drive to provide immediate humanitarian relief to Israel immediately. The Federation of Fort Worth and Tarrant Country and the Jewish community of Fort Worth have been asked to raise up to $300,000 toward this larger goal.  Please consider supporting in any amount by donating to the Emergency Fund of The Jewish Federations of North America that will provide immediate emergency relief:

2. Our Friends in the Galilee:
Rabbi Or Zohar, our recent Selichot Scholar wrote Rabbi Zimmerman the following note:

Our community, Hararit Yachad - is a village with 200 households located in the Galilee, about 15 miles from the Lebanese border. It's a small Jewish community, nestled between Arab cities and villages, for the most part  in good neighborliness and peace.  We need help in the following areas; repairing, renovating and securing shelters and domestic security rooms , purchasing emergency equipment such as generators, flashlights, charging stations, and first aid. Improving  security measures, aid to the isolated, aid to the families of conscripts, aid to the first degree relatives of missing and kidnapped victims, aid in the operation of kindergartens youth, and the elderly. No less important: urgent financial aid to several families whose livelihoods were destroyed or seventh damaged by the state of war.  Please help our community in its difficult time. Every donation will be welcomed and fully dedicated to the needs that currently exist and to those that are unfortunately expected to increase in the coming days, weeks and months.  How to donate to the Spirit of the Galilee:  Donations to Spirit of the Galilee are tax deductible in the USA (we are associated with a 501c3 NGO called Ne’eman Foundation). To donate By Credit card through our website please use the following link: spiritofthegalilee  


3.  Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Reserves

The idea is quite simple - shipments of tactical gear for the IDF reserve units are sent daily from the Israeli American Council (IAC) of Boston via El-Al jets.


How can you be a part of it?  In the link below, you’ll find an Amazon wishlist with all the equipment currently needed. Pick the items you would like to donate and checkout. While checking out, make sure that the your Gift is shipped to IAC Boston - they will pack it and deliver it to El-Al for shipping to Israel.  One of the people who worked with IAC Boston on this brilliant initiative is Micah Jones, a Boston attorney who served as an intelligence branch detail Infantry Officer in the 82nd airborne Division. Micah, who served in Afghanistan, was honorably discharged as a captain, and spends days and nights advocating for Israel. With his brother Hunter, Micah joined the IAC effort of compiling this list based on his own experience as an infantry officer, and spreading the word. Micah’s mother, Fern, adopted our family while we were living in California ten years ago.  To make your donation please click here:  idfreservewishlist


To read about Micah and learn more about the MirYam institute, click here:  miryaminstitute

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