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Your people shall be my people and your God my God. (Ruth 1:14-19)

Curious About Judaism?

Beth El welcomes all regardless of religious or secular background who are interested in Judaism to visit our community. 

Judaism is not a religion that proselytizes. No visitor is ever under any pressure to convert. 


Feel free to join us for any class, worship service, or conversation. our rabbi, staff, and members are happy to answer your questions.




Learning About Judaism


If you are from another faith tradition and just curious to learn more to strengthen your own faith, we offer tours of our sanctuary with a trained docent after some worship services

contact the temple for more information.




Converting to Judaism

Conversion is a personal choice. Should you be interested in joining our faith, reach out to Rabbi Brian Zimmerman for a preliminary conversation. The process of conversion includes regular group classes, one on one meeting time with a sponsoring clergy, and active involvement in the Jewish community


If still interested, he will invite you to take our year-long curious about conversion class. 

Come explore the customs and culture, festivals, and philosophy of Judaism. The class is open to all those interested in conversion. This nine-part class meets monthly beginning in late Summer and looks at some of the broad themes, ideas, customs, and concepts of Jewish life. Participants have a chance to meet others who have already converted. The setting is designed as a safe place to ask questions.


A prerequisite for this class is an in-person conversation with Rabbi Zimmerman and a commitment to the readings and assignments that are a part of the initial conversion process. While taking this class is a requirement for conversion, it does not commit one to converting. There is no expectation that all participants will choose this path. Please contact Rabbi Zimmerman with any questions about this ongoing year-long monthly class.

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