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Baby Namings and Brit Milah

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You are soon to be a parent! A little scary. Very exciting. This is a sacred moment, for you are fulfilling the first commandment in the Torah, “Be fruitful and multiply.” (Genesis 1:28) How do you arrange for circumcision if it is a boy? What is the equally important ceremony for girls? We are here to help!


Rabbi Zimmerman will help you create a meaningful ceremony marking your child’s entrance into God’s covenant with the Jewish people, including guidance regarding their Hebrew name and ritual circumcision, called brit milah.

The brit milah or baby naming ceremony can be held in your home, hospital, or at Beth-El. The Rabbi can also discuss mohels and physicians in the area who do circumcisions. The brit is traditionally held on the 8th day (counting the day of birth), but namings can be done at your leisure, perhaps when grandparents or other family members will be visiting. Namings at Beth-El can be stand-alone ceremonies or part of a Shabbat service. 

For information regarding scheduling a brit milah or baby naming ceremony, or to ask questions about Jewish traditions relating to the birth or adoption of a baby, please email the Temple office or call 817-332-7141. Also, please let us know when your new family member arrives, we love to share the good news with our community!  

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